Tuesday, May 5, 2009

more updates!

its been a full month i havent blogged!
but anyway,
i will scan and tag images here.
of recent articles and magazine images.

for the month of april:

- i finally completed the Thomas pink project
where we showcased customized shirt and it went well. someone name
nikmat bid on my shirt for rm1050!whoop!

- and i did a gown for hunny madu which caused a small stir
although actually its no biggie. just the top button popped when she was presenting.
it was quite cute actually.

-and i completed the styling project for barbie's 50th annivesary featuring jaspal
event which i couldnt attend as i had to go singapore.

- Nurita Harith is officially stocking at blackmarket!

-theres been a lot of ups and downs with the recession and all.
i just hope things will look up soon.

check my next update!its the latest shoot i did with the stunning raessa and photography by khalil makata on my latest pieces that i showcased at MODA in one utama.

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