Wednesday, March 25, 2009


hi guys,

ive been away for almost two weeks.

there have been bad and good .

firstly, Nurita Harith will be showcasing the red dress - the heart foundation for singapore fashion week under 'Black market ' where will also be stocking our stock end of march (early april)

2nd, we are also customizing Thomas Pink shirts for their gala show and will be in exhibition
during the Gardens fashion week on the 19th April at The Gardens.
still looking for a muse for this.hmmm.

and also 3rdly we have been busy preparing for Anugerah Bintang popular where
ill be designing for Juliana Evans.

4thly, most closest event,busy preparing for stylo gala event where ill be dressing
Raha aboo and nina omar.two very gorgeous ladies.

5thly,preparing for new collection that will be showcased at

- on the 18th april at Aristo,Zouk

- on the 30th april, MODA fashion gateway at One utama

other than that,i just got back from UK visiting mummy dearest for a week.
and now its back facing the workload!phew!!!

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