Sunday, February 15, 2009

few days of shooting

Ida Nerina in Nurita Harith,jewellery by OLA
for 'Hartamas'.


its been few days me updating the blog.
but in an odd way shop was closed friday and sunday due to renting out
for shooting tv series 'hartamas'

where i am sponsoring ida nerina for her outfits and ola are sponsoring for the jewellery.
finally after so many delays the half of the outfits are done,and yeah she looked good in that
fitted fuschia pink dress.

attached is picture of ida nerina in loose offshoulder pink dress from Nurita Harith.

yesterday was also the last day of my first intern ferris.
it was quiet a sad day in a way,as we all grown quite attached to him.
with his nonsense talking and funny verses,its going to be quiet without him.

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