Wednesday, May 21, 2008

today/thundery wednesday this very moment, outside its very
thunder ish. but still it hasn't rained. my task for today is
getting bits and bobs done, pretty simple things really.
like listing down roughly for the boutique. such as furniture,with price if i have got it down. even machines and so on.

we are planning to travel to bangkok sometime end june.
im pretty excited about this.looking at clothes and more more stuff!
i can just imagine ill be buying a big chunk for meself! a little shopping would do me good, honestly.

although its more work but its a good break. we have been browsing for nice hotels.
and we found this super studio, call 'legacy suites'. a very hip modern studio/hotel. its a tad far from the market but its nice to
have that city feeling at night.

yes,im so excited i really hope it happens.
neway, for today i've only been doing little things,
yet im so lagging holding the pen and start designing.

why oh why?

as my head is sooo clouding with tasks for MIFA , the boutique, and many many more.

tomorrow win will be down from abu dhabi, i havent been seeing her since she has been back couple of times, this makes me such a shitty friend. which to say sorry i have arranged the date tomorrow for all of us to meet up.

its been so long since ive seen the other girls. even min.
let alone lin.
everyone is so busy with work and their personal life.

anyway....cant be arsed to head to the gym feeling really weak.

on the other hand momot (my cat) which has just been spayed has started to be very vocal now.

means she is back, and happy.hahaha.

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